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Q   “Do you sell turnkey buggies?”
Yes this can be arranged on order.

 Q “Can I copy these “Solid Work” Buggy Plans?”
Absolutely not!  Any attempt to reproduce these plans in any format is strictly prohibited and legal action will be taken.  The only part that may be copied are the laser cutting drawings, however it will be more economical and time saving to purchase a full set of laser cutting from G-Force Buggies.


 Q “What part do I have to buy for the plans?”

You have to buy the front and rear wheel hubs and break assemblies, the modified rack and pinion, the rear drive shafts, the double brake box .master cylinders as they are custom built.  Many other components are also available.

 Q “How user-friendly are the buggy plans?”

We have done our best to make it as user comprehensive as possible but any questions, I am only a phone call away (0824129359)

 Q   “What skills / machinery do I need to build the buggy?

A general knowledge of engineering / welding would be advantageous or a capable close friend who will help you. CO2 / MIG welder, baby grinder, general work shop tools should get the job done reasonably but again if you have a close neighbour or friend you can always borrow from them.

 Q    if I get stuck with something?”

Give me a call (0824129359) I am available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any problems you may encounter.

 Q   “What if I want to build a car for my son and I to drive?”

This is a good team building project but bear in mind that these vehicles are not your average go-cart as they can exceed 200 km/h.

 Q   What would be the better motor set up in a pipe car a Bike or car?

Good question, definitely a car, VW 2.0L however with an adapter plate nearly any engine will do.

Let’s say. A Hayabusa Bike engine cost R35000. second hand. VTR or SV cost R17000.00   R20 000.00, now you have no diff or reverse.

Import a Quaife reversing diff. Great box but R40000.00,

Bike motors need revs to get power; this is not so good if you are stuck in sand or rocks etc., then the clutches slip and burn etc.

VW 2.0L 8 valve:  cost Under R3000 inc. vat, Audi A4 gear box 5 speed with reverse and Diff R+/- 7000.

The motor has good torque pretty economical, clutch lasts as the weight is less on a Pipe Car 700kgs on the Baleka, and 800kgs on the Rival, gearbox lasts.  Remember a bike weighs about 300kgs a buggie 700kgs nearly twice the weight so the whole motor and gearbox strains on a car set up.

Bike spares are expensive, VW well all over any Dorp or Township.

There is no doubt that the VW 2.0L Fuel injected 8 valve Motor will do the job well, you can also fit the 16 valve motor as well as the Audi TT 1.8 20 valve DOHC Turbo (160KW) will also Thrill the SH** out of you, All these motors will fit directly on to the Audi A4 Gear box which we use.

 Q   “How much will the buggy cost to build?”
This can vary from buggy builder to buggy builder.  It can cost anything for R 65000.00 to R 150 000 – it all depends on your pocket. For a single-seater Baleka. Different people have different contact for sourcing various components, motors, etc. Also Attention to detail counts a lot.


 Q   “Where can I race / ride my buggy when it is completed?”
Most off road clubs like Koepel (call Craig on 0843630992) will allow you to race against the quads or in the B Class Club and National and regional events as long as your buggy passes the scrutineering requirements and MSA rules and regulations.

You can also ride the buggy recreationally like the quad bike riders. Or use them for Farm and security patrols too. The buggies can also tow a trailer. Namibia desert run, quads for quads run the uses are plentiful.


 Q “How many buggies can I build from a set of plans?”
I will supply you with enough components to build 3 buggies from a single set of plans.

 Q “Can I sell or pass on my plans onto another buggy builder?”
Definitely not! When purchasing your plans you are required to give me your ID Number, I will only supply components to these authentic buggy plan purchasers.

 Q “Can I sell / hire out my G-Force Buggy once completed?”
The original purchaser has the right to sell his/her G-force Buggy outright to whomever they choose. It would be appreciated if the buggy is sold to advise the new purchaser name to G-Force Buggies in the event that they wish to buy replacement components. G-Force Buggies are not for hire or reward.


 Q   “Are the components readily available for the G-Force Buggies if I require spares?”

Most definitely! All components are available from G-Force Buggies!


This depends on the condition. Our buggies could last a life time, when you are finished with her you can strip it down. re powder coat it and plate it, make it look like new and yes you could recoup your capital , so it is like a fun investment.

Q “Who can i call if i need help with my build or buggie?”

You can call me Kevin any time 24/7 on 0824129359.