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Welcome to Gforce buggies new website!

 We are still situated just outside Springs just off the N12 Witbank Highway. GPs   S2610.961 E028'28.609.


After eight years of sleepless nights and countless school fees and trying the super bike motors route like many of us I have realized that bike motors are better left on the roads and are not suitable for OFF ROAD. (You can find out why in FAQ'S)


Well as we live in Africa I had to find something that is tough and available to us,

Well guys and girls we now use VW 2.0L 8 valve fuel injected motors and these are mounted to an Audi A4 5 speed transaxle gear box as standard with no adapter plates. Also on these boxes we can fit the 16 valve and Audi TT 1.8 L Turbo motor putting out 160KW of awesome power.

The 2.0L motor has great low down torque and can obtain speeds of 200kph as standard.


Our standard Management system that we fit is DICKTATOR works great and we have excellent back up by the guys.


The buggies are now quite bullet proof having rear trailing arms fabricated out of pipe for the Baleka models and a boxed unit out of Domex 700, for the Rival two seater, which also can be fitted to the Baleka range.


The Rival has a double A Arm front suspension also boxed out of Domex700 with two  gas  shocks  one coil over shock, as  so has the Baleka range have  an upper and lower control arms.  All arms have drop straps for safety.

Both models have a rack and pinion steering with 20mm Dia tie rods, The front uprights on both models boast a very reliable and proven King pin /Link pin set up  with Acetol bushes, which is quite bullet proof .


Gforce buggies manufacture 90% of all the parts required including all cable fittings, brake pipe fittings, front and rear hub assemblies, which are super strong and are in stock all the time. The drive shafts are manufactured in house and heat treated to spec. and we run 108mm Porsche lobro CV joints. Most components are machined on our cnc machines for precision and precise fitting.

 The steering column has ball bearings for smooth turning. Also a detachable steering boss is available to remove your steering wheel; this is great for security and to gain extra access to your buggie.


The Brake pedal boxes are custom made and have a brake Bias adjustment, and also Cutting brakes can be fitted for sharp cornering and as a use like a diff lock in slippery conditions. All wheels have vented discs and VW type calipers. New upgrades are the addition of AIR Bag suspension.


Gforce Buggies also sells PLANS to build your own buggie, great for a team building father and son and the buddies to do. A great deal of satisfaction and pride can be achieved if these buggies are built well. Gforce buggies will last a life time if correctly maintained  and are very strong and safe .All designing is done on solid works cad system This maintains safety and quality. The plans come on Cd format with all PDF files and DXF files ready for the laser cutters. The Rival also has an E Drawing allowing you to Rotate, and remove parts and zoom in to see the construction. The DXF files save you about R3K on re drawing conventional hard copy plans.

Always remember the value of your buggie depends on the quality and appearance of it.

I believe, we have one of the finest buggies in the world and are suitable for off-road racing, recreation, security and farm patrols, paint balling, and just having fun and scaring the quad guys.


We also undertake custom car builds .imported buggie conversions, and servicing. CNC turning all welding and manufacturing work.

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